Introducing “Language & Law”

Lawrence M. Solan, Dieter Stein, Peter Meijes Tiersma


All manner of all scientific discourse is couched in language. This holds for language in the domain of law with a vengeance: all concepts in law are linguistically constituted and expressed. All legally relevant meanings and contexts are transported through the vehicle of language. They are thus created through and in language, and cannot therefore be independent of language, just as the law cannot be independent of society, which is where language resides. This is the premise upon which the new journal of the International Language and Law Society ( is based: "Language & Law" will publish original research, with a preference for well-theorized studies, on all topics relating to law and language.

Cite as: Solan, Stein & Tiersma, JLL 1 (2012), 1–2, DOI: 10.14762/jll.2012.001

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