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The Impact of Language on Law-Making and Norm-Making: JLL Call for Papers (Deadline 31 July 2019)


The constitutive role of language in law-making and norm-making has been largely neglected in previous legal studies. Many of these studies were concerned with the legal and historical aspects of law-making and norm-making, and regarded language mainly as an assisting device or a neutral medium of communication, rather than as a mechanism that can influence the production of law and norms and thus shape the content of jurisprudence. The present issue of JLL aims to address the latter issue. We welcome papers that investigate empirically or theoretically the impact of language on the law-making process and the development of norms. This call for papers is open until 31 July 2019 (extensions possible upon request), authors should submit through the journal website at, or send an electronic copy of their submission to

Cite as: Trklja, JLL 8 (2019), 9–11, DOI: 10.14762/jll.2019.009


Language, law, law-making, norms, norm-making, norm-generation, legisprudence