International Journal of Language & Law (JLL)

Language & Law is a platinum open access scholarly e-journal which offers a forum for research on the interdependence of language and law in all of its facets, from theoretical approaches to practical problems. Submissions are double-blindly peer-reviewed, and published entirely free of charge to authors and readers under a CC-BY license. Its editorial board comprises academics from various fields.

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In November 2018, JLL was selected as one of only three humanities journals (along with Glossa and Laboratory Phonology) to join the Free Journal Network (FJN), a scholarly initiative to promote Open Access publishing with strict best practice requirements.

In terms of statistics, JLL received submissions from six continents* since 1 Jan 2017. (a) Co-authorship: The average JLL submission had 1.8 authors. (b) Turn-around: 52.3 days was the average duration from submission to editorial decision, none was longer than 94 days. (c) Rejection rate: 53 % of submissions were rejected, 20 % of which desk-rejections (not sent out for external peer-review). Of those sent out for review, 75 % were reviewed by one lawyer and one linguist.

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* Submissions originated from Albania, Australia, Austria, China/Hongkong, Colombia, Croatia, Germany, Greece, Italy, Kenya, Nigeria, Poland, Spain, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the USA.

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Luis López
Farah Ali, Carol Ready